Clairobscur | Kate Hursthouse
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Sharing the Work of a Modern-Day Calligrapher


Well-versed in the art of ‘giving form to signs’, Kate Hursthouse is a New Zealand artist, calligrapher, illustrator, and muralist. Working across several media, Hursthouse executes her hand-lettered artworks on gift cards, broad lengths of fabric, brick walls, and digital design platforms. Since 2017, Hursthouse’s boutique design studio Scribble Me This has catered custom, hand-lettered and typographic brand identities to a stable of commercial clients, and hosted calligraphy workshops in art spaces across Auckland.


When commissioned to create Hursthouse’s portraits and moving imagery, ClairObscur’s Jen Raoult conceived the idea of an intimate artist profile. Through the use of extreme close-up shots, Raoult invites Hursthouse’s audience to notice the dual quality in her work: on the one hand, strict shapes, geometrical order, and repeated rhythms. On the other, gestural freedom. Hursthouse, in other words, is a master calligrapher — and Raoult’s neat attention gives form to the artist’s story.

Creative Director: Jen Raoult

Director: Jen Raoult

Cinematographer: Jen Raoult