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Miguel Sant’ana: A world Upside Down

27 MAY 2016

Miguel Santana, is an interesting performer. He is what I like calling an handstand master!! Thats pretty much all he does and so he reaches an interesting level of mastering this art. It is a pretty fascinating practise that require incredible strength, core, precision, balance,  stillness and in Miguel case, a lot of grace, patience and practise. His story is quiet inspiring as he move from his little village in Brazil to London and then Nz where he worked as a gardener. Miguel used to practise capoera but after witnessing the work of a great handstand practitioner online He started training himself unconditionally for 5 years. He is now teaching workshop all around the world and keep inspiring and influencing many students.

I love those images that we created together. They hold a very particular energy, powerful and peaceful .

More of our collaborations is to come soon, part of an exhibition I am currently working on.


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