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SPLORE Festival


A selection of live performance featuring some of the incredible artists lining up Splore Festival 2010, 2012 and 2014. Under my project FilmTheMusic, I have been capturing the vibrant energy of the Splore festival. located on the magnificent Tapapakanga national Park, Splore is one of the most incredible Festival I had the pleasure to attend and capture for several years. More of those captures are available on the FilmTheMusic website as well as other Festivals and artists I had the privilege to meet and create with. The first year we attend Splore, we asked each artists to improvise near one of the multiple art installations or legendary dream spots of the place. We created a serie of unique improvised impromptu intimate performance using the mind blowing set up of this very unique festival.

For more Splore goodness, please visit FilmTheMusic website, .

FilmTheMusic was created by my dear friend Sebastian Grounauer and myself in 2009. It is a collaborative project of film makers and artists who share a common passion for Music and Arts, in any form-be it live performance, Street Theatre, Dance, Circus, Photography and Performance Art. The original idea was to document the vibrant Music and Arts of New Zealand.  D.J’s, writers and sound Professionals working along side of us for the common love of it.