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KORA: Story Ain’t Over

Composing Kora’s Official Music Video

09 FEBRUARY 2011

These days, Kora is regarded as one of New Zealand’s most electrifying live bands. It was not always thus. The Kora brothers began playing music together as schoolboys, competing in and winning the iconic Rockquest and Battle Of The Bands competitions during the early 1990s. A gifted five-man band from the eastern Bay of Plenty, these smalltown Kiwi heroes went on to win international acclaim for their best-selling sound, which vibrates with the frequencies of reggae, rock, dub, roots, and funk.


With its electro-funk-space-warp quality, ‘Story Ain’t Over’ is a R&B-soul anthem on Kora’s 2011 album Light Years. Preceding the album’s release, the band commissioned ClairObscur’s Jen Raoult to shoot the single’s official music video. Years later, Raoult’s high-key imagery continues to attract traffic to the band’s website and YouTube channels, and has been watched — and shared — by hundreds of thousands of fans. Alive with raw, physical energy, Raoult’s use of sharp chiaroscuro brings a new dimension to this album standout.

Official music video Kora ‘Story Ain’t Over’

Directed by Jennifer Raoult
Produced by Filmthemusic

Director of Photography: Marty Williams
Second camera operator : Jennifer Raoult
edited by Jennifer Raoult
Graded by Stevie Hight (Toybox)
Gaffer: Stacey Hui
Hair&Make-up artist: Carly Marr
catering:Noa Campbell
babysitter:Rina Patel
Kora dressed by Huffer, ABC, Quiksilver, Workshop, Ice Breaker, Electric, tobe.
Special Thanks to KORA and the band management.

Shot at the Revolver studio on the 9th of february 2011.