Clairobscur | WOLF / We’ar Autumn/Winter collection 2016
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WOLF , We-ar Winter Collection 2016

27 MAY 2016

The mysterious and wild elements of the new winter collection WOLF told in this little piece of film. Shot in the beautiful Waiheke Island in the incredible location of the …farm. This campaign video is my 4th video collaboration with the ethical clothing brand We-ar. An invitation to space, wilderness. It is an evocations of the endless landscapes of … in Wolves territories. Where those ever fascinating animals keep being the guardians …

 Susiraja (Finnish) –Literally ‘wolf border’: the boundary between the capital region and the rest of the country. The name suggests everything outside the border is wilderness. Wolf embodies the edge of wild in each of us. Wolf stretches lanky limbs and shakes out glossy fur to bound free from any hold of name and place.

Wolf carries the winter forest, earth and fire within bone, muscle and blood. An emissary of the wilderness Wolf calls in sleek, moonlit power. Wolf doesn’t negotiate with the mores of society. Wolf is ready for anything here in nature’s ever present now. This collection offers long limbed seventies silhouettes and shroud-like dresses and coats. Each piece has been designed to layer multiply into a textured look that meets the terms of your own wild –be it the urban wild or the forested hills.