Clairobscur | WE-AR “Wolf”
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WOLF: Spinning a Wintertime Fairy Tale

We-ar Winter Collection 2016

27 MAY 2016

‘Wolf’: one syllable, conjuring wild spaces and unbound freedom. Abandoning home and hearth for the uncultivated steppes “beyond the wolf border”, ethical clothing label WE-AR’s AW16 capsule follows the textures of an unknown winter landscape. Directed by a philosophy of conscious living and respectful collaboration with a number of small craftsman workshops, WE-AR stitches storylines into the seams of its ethical fashion and yoga wear.

In ClairObscur’s fourth video collaboration with ethical clothing brand WE-AR, creative director and videographer Jen Raoult finds the edge of wild in each of us. Shot on-site at an ancient pa ground on Waiheke Island, Raoult’s racking focus moves dreamily across an elemental, almost primeval landscape. Using raw, hand-held footage, Raoult captures glimpses of WE-AR’s pagan muses as they move through fire, smoke, and long grass. In this seasonal campaign video, Raoult spins a wintertime fairy tale for this evocative brand.

Creative Director: Jen Raoult

Director: Jen Raoult

Cinematographer: Jen Raoult

Edit: Jen Raoult

Music by Gonjasufi