Clairobscur | LilyBee Wrap & Turn The Tide On Plastic
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Helping LilyBee Wrap Turn the Tide on Plastic

09 March 2018

Turn the Tide on Plastic is a multinational, 50/50 male-female yacht racing team with a global sustainability message. As advocates of the United Nation Environment Programme’s ‘Clean Seas’ campaign, the team’s mission was to raise awareness about ocean health and inclusivity during the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.


When LilyBee Wrap collaborated with Turn the Tide on Plastic on a video documentary about the problems facing our oceans, ClairObscur was commissioned to guide the project with strong, moving-image storytelling. Creative director and videographer Jen Raoult led the shoot on-site at Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, and provided the additional support of a strategic social launch as LilyBee’s founders sailed with the team to the Southern ocean, Brazil, and Newport, RI.


This collaboration was highly successful. When LilyBee’s “Turn the Tide on Plastic” campaign went live, it delivered high organic reach and engagement across the brand’s social platforms. Meanwhile, the Turn the Tide On Plastic team continues on — with custom-made ‘Clean Seas’ LilyBee wraps onboard.

A ClairObscur Productions

Creative Director: Jen raoult

Produced by Jen Raoult

Co-directed by Gareth Moon, Mixed View and ClairObscur

Cinematography: Gareth Moon

Images by : Whale footage C/- Tiki Lounge Productions and Varo Media

On board&race footage C/- Volvo Ocean Race

Sound by Pauly Rhodes

Music by Arli Liberman

Sound Mix: Matt Aickin

edited by Jessica Sanderson (Mixed view)