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The Yoga Connection: Portraiture for A Yoga Curator

25 February 2017

Curated by founder Jane Lowe, The Yoga Connection delivers insider information about New Zealand’s yoga studios, teachers, events, and courses to yoga enthusiasts all over the country. A committed student of the practice, Lowe aims to gather together a community that understands the value of simply ‘turning up, breathing, listening, and learning’. Wanting to offer a sleek aesthetic experience to her online visitors, Lowe decided to refresh TCY’s branded imagery in February of 2017.


Seeing ClairObscur as a natural partner for her platform, Lowe commissioned Jen Raoult to build a body of lifestyle and portrait imagery for the brand’s new-look page. Seizing the challenge, Raoult took Lowe to Auckland’s West Coast to shoot the stills in natural light. Working in-situ, Raoult captured her subject moving through and between churning waters and volcanic rock. Through the interplay of these textural elements, Raoult’s images employ a careful balance. Like the practice of yoga, this series is a living, energetic study — broken by moments of stillness.

The Yoga Connection is a great informative platform that showcase the yoga and wellbeing community of New Zealand.

Creative Director: Jen Raoult

Photographer: Jen Raoult