Clairobscur | Meadowlark “Arrowhead”
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MEADOWLARK: Weaving a Campaign Story for Meadowlark

 Summer Collection 2011/12

November 2011

Refined but aggressive, Meadowlark’s ceremonial rings and pendants are loved by some of the world’s most kickass performers — including Lorde, Rihanna, Aldous Harding, Zoe Kravitz, Grimes, and FKA Twigs. With their Summer 11/12 collection, Meadowlark push ancient shapes to new extremes. Though ancient hunters hewed their weapons from bone and stone, Meadowlark’s silver creations “seem excavated from the future.” Like the cut-crystal shapes on an antique decanter, the rays of Meadowlark’s ‘Arrowheads’ meet at sharpened points, honed to fulfil a deadly purpose.


Shot and edited by ClairObscur’s Jen Raoult, Meadowlark’s campaign video brings ‘Arrowhead’ into a kinetic relationship with the human body. To highlight the jewellery on the model’s hands and wrists, Raoult’s camera tracks a free-form game of cat’s cradle, engaging with her subject’s eyes, and the movement of her fingers. As one of the oldest games in recorded human history, this string game has been used for storytelling and divination since primitive times. With this motif, Raoult nods to the logic of Meadowlark’s ‘Arrowhead’ Summer 11/12 campaign — drawing a line “from the Stone Age to the space age.”

Creative Director: Jen Raoult

Stylist: Claire Hammon

Director Jen Raoult

Edit by Jen Raoult and Faye McNeil

Music by