Clairobscur | Meadowlark “Stella Vespertina”
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MEADOWLARK: A Dark Fable for an Atelier Jeweller

 Video Campaign Winter Collection 2011

May 2011

“The metallic note of the Meadowlark suggests the clash of vibrant blades” — Ambrose Bierce.


Cool and classic, Meadowlark’s dark undertones reference art, fashion, and the occult. Founded by artist couple Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont, this atelier New Zealand jewellery brand draws on the pair’s background in streetwear design and skate culture. With their AW11 collection ‘Stella Vespertina’, Meadowlark sculpts precious metals and ethically-sourced stones into arcane wearables for self-possessed women and men.


In Autumn of 2011, ClairObscur conceived Meadowlark’s video campaign to play out the collection’s fascination with light and dark. As the project’s creative director, Jen Raoult explores the carnal beauty of ‘Stella Vespertina’ — the Evening Star. Intimate and physical, Raoult’s storyline brings Meadowlark’s black magic into close focus. With these tight shots, Raoult maintains a physical intimacy with her subject. Part witch, part enchantress, Raoult’s ‘Stella’ defies definition. Is she a Celtic druidess? A Victorian vampire? Like Meadowlark’s jewellery, ‘Stella’ radiates quiet power.

Creative director and Concept by Jen Raoult

Directed by Faye McNeil

Images by Tammy Williams

Edit by Jerome Eltabet

Music by