Clairobscur | WE-AR “The Making”
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Supply-Side Storytelling for a Fearless Yoga Brand

27 MAY 2016

Part of a growing movement of ethical businesses, WE-AR is a certified B Corp that believes in the power of holistic thinking. Guided by principles of active engagement, the brand works to “act without harm” towards the environment and empower the families who craft its eco-luxe yoga wear.


WE-AR and ClairObscur are a long term collaboration. In 2016, WE-AR?? Jen Raoult joined WE-AR’s founder Jyoti Morningstar on a trip to Bali to document the brand’s making process. There, Raoult met local artisans in living-wage workshops and watched them sew hand-dyed, sustainable textiles into living garments. Cut from the footage of that trip, Raoult’s short film ‘The Making’ has become WE-AR’s visual manifesto. Full of texture, intimacy, and light, these images distil the brand’s philosophy down to its purest essence.

Creative Director: Jen raoult

Cinematographer: Jen Raoult

Edit by Jen Raoult

Graphics and colour grading by Gareth Moon

Music by Bonobo