Clairobscur | WE-AR “Manipura”
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Manipura: Street-Savvy Sauntering for WE-AR

Winter Collection 2013

27 JUIN 2013

Ethical clothing label WE-AR’s founding mission was to empower others with their fairly traded supply chain, and social and economic development strategies. Employing supple fabrics and dynamic silhouettes, WE-AR’s seasonal designs are also shaped by ideas of personal strength and individualism. With ‘Manipura’, a nonchalant Winter 2013 collection, WE-AR celebrates strong-minded femininity.


Commissioned to create the campaign video for the capsule, ClairObscur’s Jen Raoult decided think outside the box with a “point-of-view” film. Sauntering noiselessly through city streets, Raoult’s invisible subject encounters one strong woman after another. Busy, vibrant, goal-oriented, these women don’t wait for validation. Instead, they stride their own paths with purpose — to work, to their families, to the studio, or the gym.

Director: Jen Raoult

Cinematographer: Marty Williams

Graphics and colour grading by Gareth Moon

Music by Nicolas Jaar