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Building a Visual Suite for Tropical Island Yoga

MAY 2017

Tropical Island Yoga is a new kind of yoga experience. Founded by Cook Islander Cristine Tee, the retreat digs deep into the cultural roots of Aitutaki. The Cooks’ second-most-visited island, Aitutaki curls around one of the South Pacific’s most breathtaking lagoons. There, Tee and her instructors seek to encourage visitors to explore their own health and wellbeing via yoga. More importantly, Tee also aims to connect with the local community. Two of the business’ key aims are to develop a scholarship program and establish yoga, nutrition and dietary education classes for Cook Island practitioners.


Christine Tee commissioned ClairObscur to create a fresh suite of visual content for Tropical Island Yoga after seeing Jen Raoult’s Calling the Light video campaign. The project involved travelling to Aitutaki to shoot a comprehensive body of collateral, including charismatic campaign stills, a portraiture series, and highly technical drone and film footage. Raoult compiled the latter into a striking video sequence, which is now the core of Tropical Island Yoga’s rebranded website. For the client, partnership with ClairObscur has been overwhelmingly successful. With Raoult’s visual story structuring their digital content, Tropical Island Yoga’s online following is growing exponentially.

Creative Director: Jen raoult

Photographer: Jen Raoult

Director: Jen Raoult

Cinematographer: Jen Raoult

Drone: James Cooper

Edit: Jen raoult

Music by DjDrez “Light Me Up”