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466 New North road, Kingsland, Auckland

+64 (021) 146 19 47






As a child, I was endlessly curious about the world. My heroes were Ella Maillart, Jack London, Richard Francis Burton, Arthur Rimbaud, Bernard Moitessier, and Corto Maltese. Like them, I wanted to go everywhere, and see everything.

Jen Raoult discovered motion as a small child, sailing the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. After crossing the Atlantic and journeying into Central America, she enrolled in her Arts Plastiques degree at Aix-Marseille Université, and moved to Paris to study photojournalism.

Irrepressibly curious, Raoult spent the next 10 years working as a documentary photographer in numerous countries around the globe, adventuring, sailing, and capturing the faces of strangers. In 2009, she made landfall in New Zealand, founding ClairObscur in 2011.

In her photographic and film-based works, Raoult explores the edges of proximity. Dismantling false devices, her photographic practice seeks to uncover the true, ‘unconditioned’ nature of her subjects.

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